After 20 years of previous experience working in the PTFE field the family business of Grange Tubes was founded in 1987 and began the development of advanced and unique manufacturing processes for PTFE.
We manufacture of a wide range of standard and specialised extruded PTFE products using only the highest quality raw materials from the major manufacturers of PTFE polymer.
Continuous research and development in both our products and processes enable us to improve and extend our product range to suit many requirements. All tooling is developed and manufactured on site enabling a fast and efficient service for any new design.



The chart shown contains a representation of the 12 standard colours that are available (where specified) in our products.
Custom colours can also be produced to your own specification.
Bi-colours, multi-colours and stripes are available together with gold silver and bronze as special orders.


In order to reduce excess packaging and waste we provide the minimum necessary which is sufficient to supply and protect the product.
Grange Tubes does not advertise on any product labels, allowing the product to be sold on direct to our Customers markets reducing or eliminating the need to repackage.
Custom packaging and labelling can be accommodated to suit Customer specifications as required.


PTFE tubing does not have a determined shelf life. Extensive weathering and aging tests have been conducted by polymer manufacturers and they revealed little to no degradation when exposed to weather, U.V. light, or extreme temperatures. PTFE tubing contains no antioxidant, plasticizers, or other additives which would bleed out during normal storage.
However PTFE heat shrink tubing conforming to AMS-DTL-I-23053/12 specifies a shelf life of 4 years when stored between 18°C and 35°C

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