Heat Shrink is a non-flammable shrink tube which exhibits outstanding chemical and solvent resistance. Its electrical characteristics remain stable over a wide operating temperature range of -70°C to +260°C. The major use of this material is for electrical insulation, protection of electronic components and the covering of hydraulic hose and couplings preventing contamination and corrosion.

Size Ranges

There are two ranges of Heat Shrink:

  • HST has a 2:1 shrink ratio, expanded bore ranges from .050” to .930” (1.27mm - 23.62mm)
  • HST-R has a 4:1 shrink ratio, expanded bore size range from .125” to 1.25” (3.18mm - 31.75mm).

Other sizes available subject to special order.

Colour Range

PTFE Heat Shrink comes in natural as standard, other colours are available from our standard colour range on request.


Supplied in random lengths on reels or 1.22m cut lengths in bags as appropriate.
If you have any special packaging requirements please contact our sales team.

Applicable Standards

  • AMS-DTL-23053/12 Class 3
  • AMS-DTL-23053/12 Class 5

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