PTFE Tube is used extensively in the pharmaceutical and engineering industries for fluid transfer and machined components e.g. Bushes, Bearings etc. It is ideal for use in hazardous and aggressive environments or where there is a requirement for a combination of properties such as chemical inertness, ease of cleaning and no possibility of contamination.

Size Range

Our standard tubing range consists of

In addition to these sizes we can accommodate other sizes from 0.6mm to 25mm (0.023” to 1”).

Colour Range

Our PTFE Tube is supplied in natural as standard. Other colours are available from our standard colour range on request.


Random lengths in coils or on reels as appropriate. Cut lengths are available along with other services such as flaring and tafting.
For further information or if you have any special packaging requirements please contact our sales team.

Applicable Standards

  • BS 2848 Type 6 Class 250T
  • BS EN 60684
  • BS 6564
  • BS EN ISO 13000

Value Added Services

  • Cut Lengths
  • Cut Pieces (up to 10mm OD/2mm Wall)
  • Spiral Cutting (up to 10mm OD/1mm Wall)
  • Flared/Tafted Ends
  • Punched & Drilled Holes

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